Current Bela Phone Promotion for Neotel subscribers.

All Destinations - R1.99
All Destinations - R0.99
United Kingdom
Mobile R1.29 | Landline R0.45
All Destinations - R0.99
Land Line - R1.55
All Destinations - R0.99

Bela is a new international calling service that allows people in South Africa to make discounted international calls to over 220 countries worldwide. Our rates are the same for peak and off peak times and offer massive savings on international calls compared to local network operators. Better still you can call from any cellphone or landline, as well as payphones countrywide.

Bela has a new added feature for mobile phone and Neotel users, where the Bela credit can be loaded directly onto your mobile phone or Neotel handset.  This means that you do not have to go through the clumsy process entering a PIN number every time you wish to make a call.  Also, your unused Bela credit wont expire after 90 days like other calling cards, you simply recharge the credit on you mobile phone or Neotel handset.

To purchase a Bela voucher, visit any of our listed retailers, and start saving now.

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