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Bela Phone Cards is a subsidiary of Phone IT (cc), South Africa
Bela was launched in January 2010, to deliver a high quality international calling card at competitive rates. The company has a large distribution footprint and secure financial backing , which are the 2 main factors which have incumbered the growth South African of international calling card companies in the past.
Bela Phone Company is based in Johannesburg, with distribution points through the Blue Label regional offices. For more information email info@bela-phone.co.za
Bela has a number of exciting new products to save consumers even more on their telecoms expenses, which are ready for roll out in the near future.
As international experience becomes more a career necessity, and the number of students, friends and parents who travel, study or emmigrate around the world continues to increase, the vision of Bela Phone Company is that we could keep all relatives connected all through the year! Bela makes discounted international calls to over 220 countries worldwide. Our rates are the same for peak and off peak times and offer massive savings on international calls compared to local network operators.
Bela Phonecards are distributed by Blue Label Telecoms.  
We also focused on the consumer as our mission is to make it accessable, easy to use and  value for money.

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