How the billing works from a Telkom landline or cell-phone

There are 2 costs involved when using international phone cards to dial from South Africa:
The first is the ACCESS or “A” Leg, which is the cost to dial into the Bela network and use our service. This is the local call rate which you will pay to your service provider for making a call to our access number.
The second or “B” Leg is the international leg of the call, which are the rates you see published on our website, this international leg of the call is routed via the Bela network, which is where we supply the massive discounts, and you save money.
For example, to make a call from a Telkom line to a landline in the United Kingdom during the evening or over the weekend, The typical call costs would be:
The local call rate to dial the 0861 sharecall number, which is R0.21 per minute, plus the Bela rate of R0.23 per minute to UK landline, which means you will pay a combined cost of R0.44 per minute. A 10 minute call to London would therefore cost R4.40 in total.
Types of Access Numbers:
We have 2 x types of access numbers, listed below, which you select based on whether you wish to call from a callphone, or landline.
  • 087 450 0040 (cellphone access) - Calls to this number are charged at local cellphone rates, and free minutes apply.
  • 0861 51 0000 (National Access) - Call this number if you wish to call from a landline. Calls to the national access number, are charged at local landline call rates

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