What is Bela ?
Bela is an international phone card that allows customers to make cheaper international calls than they would if they called directly from their landline or cellphone.
How is it different to other international phone cards ?
It has a few major advantages in that, it can be loaded onto your cellphone like normal airtime. This means that you do not have to enter your pin number when you dial into the service.
This saves time and hassle, as you do not have to go through a pin authentication process every time you wish to make a call.
Also, your Bela airtime does not expire, you just “top up” your account, when your balance is low, unlike other calling cards, where the unused credit expires after 90 days
Who would buy this product ?
Anyone wanting to make an international call, from their cellphone or landline. Bela offers significant savings when used during off peak periods, specifically when calling mobile phone networks in European and African destinations.
What are the benefits to the customer ?
The most important benefit is the massive cost saving when calling anywhere around the world using Bela. This ranges from 20% up 70% depending on the country you are calling.
How do you use Bela ?
If you are calling from a landline, simply dial the local access number and follow the voice instructions, or if you wish call from a cellphone, simply load it on your cellphone like normal airtime, dial the access number, then enter your destination number.
Where can I buy Bela ?
Bela is available at all Pick n Pay stores, and vouchers can be purchased at the till points like normal airtime. Bela can also be purchased at any Engen, Sasol, Shell or BP garage where there is a shop in the forecourt. This is a brand new product, so there is a chance the cashiers or management may be unaware that the product is listed on their terminal. Ask them to look under “airtime” or “other services”. Bela is also available at 300 participating Spar Stores. You can call our call centre on 0861 250 122 for further assistance.
What dominations does it come in?
R10, R30, R50 and R100
Is there marketing material or instructions available ?

There are flyers with rates to popular destinations and instructions available in small dispensers at the cigarette kiosk and information desks. All this info can also be obtained from our help line which is open Monday to Sunday, 8am till 10pm and it is also available on our website.

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