Things you should know

Calls to the 0860, 0861, and 087 local access numbers are not toll free and customers require airtime credit from their service provider to call this number, if they are calling from a prepaid phone. These calls are charged at local call rates for the full duration of the call.
Callers to the 087 mobile access number must display their caller ID (CLI) when dialled from a cellphone, calls from Private Numbers will be rejected. To activate CLI, change your cellphone settings or contact your service provider.
The combined cost of using your normal airtime to call the access number plus using your Bela voucher, is cheaper than dialling directly through your service provider, or using other calling cards!
Terms and Conditions
Calls are billed per second, with a minimum call charge of R0.55 including VAT. Calls to the 087 and 086 access numbers are charged at standard service provider rates, for the full duration of the call.
Calls to mobiles and other non geographical numbers may be billed at higher rates than advertised. Call rates are VAT inclusive, charge and services are subject to revision, and may be modified, added or withdrawn.
Vouchers is non refundable or redeemable for cash. Vouchers expires 3 years after 1st use. You accept these terms and conditions on purchase of the Bela international calling voucher.

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